Do you want to organize an event that you will not forget? Do you want to thank your employees and business partners? Are you presenting a new product or training your colleagues? We will prepare a tailor-made corporate event, press conference, training or special celebration for family and friends. We will fulfill any wish before you say it. You will not find a more suitable place for teambuilding or cultural events, together with our professional animators we will fine-tune them to perfection. The team of top professionals of Sokolovna Průhonice will simply prepare a turnkey event for you, exactly according to your requirements.

Come to Sokolovna Průhonice, we will be happy to show you that your satisfaction is our number one priority.


  • Rental of exclusive and above-standard indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Modern technical equipment (LCD TV, flipcharts, DVD, SAT, WiFi, data projector + screen, video conferencing, sound system with own audio / video production)
  • Interpreting services
  • Professional background, quality service and creative team
  • Maximum privacy and comfort


  • Organizational and technical support of your event
  • Sports and relaxation services
  • Gastronomic specialties
  • Animation and accompanying programs
  • Benefit program for your employees at a high level
  • Gift vouchers for business partners
  • Comprehensive employee care


  • Capacity up to 15 people
  • Wifi internet connection
  • Possibility of presentation on LCD TV
  • Flipcharts, DVD, TV, SAT, video conferencing
  • Fully air-conditioned room
  • Daylight
  • Space with its own bathroom
  • Separate entrance to the room


  • Arrangement into a block • 15 seats


  • Capacity up to 150 people
  • WIFI internet connection
  • Possibility of presentation on 2x LCD TV
  • Flipcharts, DVD, TV, SAT
  • Sound system own audio system
  • Fully air-conditioned room
  • Space with its own bathroom, own dressing room
  • Possibility to use the outdoor terrace, barrier-free access
  • Live cooking
  • Barbecue on the terrace, tasting


  • School layout • 30 seats
  • Theater arrangement • 50 seats
  • Cocktail • 150 seats
  • Arrangement into a block • 20 seats
  • Gala • 60 seats
  • Terrace • 50 seats cocktail / 20 seats 


Capacity up to 300 people
Wifi internet connection
Stage, theater lighting
Data projector + screen
Sound system own audio system
Flipcharts, DVD, TV, SAT
Wheelchair access


  • School layout • 100 seats
  • Theater arrangement • 220 seats
  • Cocktail • 300 seats
  • Arrangement into a block • 70 seats
  • Gala • 100 seats


  • Capacity up to 50 people
  • Summer terrace with playground
  • Wifi internet connection
  • LCD TV, flipcharts, DVD, TV, SAT
  • Sound with own audio projections
  • Fully air-conditioned room
  • Wheelchair access


  • Terrace • 60 seats
  • Restaurant • 50 seats


Enjoy your corporate event outside as well. Sokolovna Průhonice has two terraces and a multifunctional playground. The terraces are ideal for a BBQ party. The multifunctional playground in the Sokolovna complex is open to anyone who likes tennis, football, basketball or volleyball.
In addition to popular sports, Sokolovna Průhonice also offers unique physical activities for adults that you will not find anywhere else. Choose one of the specialized sports, health and leisure programs for adults and do so make your event unique. Your event can take place indoors and outdoors in Sokolovna. A unique opportunity to make your events unusual with us.


Get inspired by an unconventional schedule and enjoy your actions differently than usual. The premises, services and the name Sokolovna Průhonice itself are directly offered for the organization of teambuilding activities. Judge for yourself which program we are able to provide for you and your company. Choose from an inexhaustible number of activities that will help unite the team of employees together, deepen their cooperation and trust, teach them tactical thinking, but above all, entertain them.


  • Circular "all-round" training under the guidance of professionals or relaxation yoga lessons
  • Analysis of the human body on the INBODY 770 device
  • Beauty program (cosmetic treatment, manicure and pedicure, hairdresser)
  • Creative program (ceramics, fine arts, production of T-shirts)
  • Cooking course on a selected topic for closed groups
  • Tennis, football or basketball tournament on a multifunctional court
  • Relax in the form of a wellness visit
  • Tasting dinners, wine, cognac and cigar tastings
  • Barbecue in the garden
  • Organized walk (nordic walking) in Průhonice park
  • Skating on an artificial ice rink on a multifunctional playground
  • Art studio not only for ceramics
  • Bartending school and bartending show
  • DJ show with karaoke or live music
  • Races on the largest motorway in the Czech Republic
  • Theater, dance or other cultural performances


We help companies take care of the health of their employees. We understand regular exercise in fitness under the guidance of a personal trainer as physical and mental preparation for high work commitment. Share this opportunity with your employees and offer them an active stay in a slightly different Sokolovna Průhonice.


  • Professional analysis of the human body on the top InBody 770 device
  • Fitness with cardio zone (Technogym machines)
  • Group exercises according to the schedule
  • Relaxation area with Finnish sauna, steam bath, cooling pool and relaxation room
  • Children's corner for children from 3 to 12 years
  • Rental of multifunctional area (tennis/volleyball)
  • WIFI internet in the whole Sokolovna building
  • Towel and hygiene service
  • A bottle of bottled water
  • Entrance intro - 45 min. with personal trainer


You can look forward to a unique gastronomic experience offered by the team of chef Přemysl Douš, a silver chef of 2019. Do you want to try live cooking? In the design and well-equipped premises of the Gourmet Club Grenier you have a unique opportunity! You will certainly be pleased by the wide range of quality wines from our wine shop, sommelier services, wine tasting, whiskey or cigars, which will undoubtedly please especially men's company. According to your wishes, we will prepare tailor-made snacks for you, from a small coffee break to a festive "gala" buffet. Thanks to other services and the premises of Sokolovna, our restaurant has an original background. Here we are directly offered the connection of gastronomy, sports or corporate "teambuilding".

Contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions:
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